Youth Counselling in Cape Town

Life can be difficult, with issues such as HIV/Aids, drugs, crime and gang activities, pregnancy, sexual abuse and suicidal depression affecting many young South Africans to some degree. Especially in townships of the large cities such as Cape Town, young people are facing difficult decisions and harrowing surroundings.


Struggling with Life

Violence is pandemic in the Western Cape. Family and community violence is frighteningly high as a result of unemployment, drug abuse, gang activities and poor socio-economic conditions.

These factors increase the desire for the drugs in the area that are so easily accessible. Emotional, family and social breakdowns follow.

Despite great enthusiasm, there is poor understanding of management and a general lack of skills to enable and organise a Community Counselling Service in Cape Town and in South Africa in general.


Learning from Experience

SARC intends to work with, counsel and train the poorest and most disadvantaged youths from townships in the greater Cape Town area. It provides the skill-sets to dealing with this South African situation which have proved so effective with similar problems in the UK.


Spanning Worlds

SARC is a UK registered charity whose aim is to supply skills, training and services to establish a youth counselling agency in Cape Town. Registered as an NGO in South Africa, it has active and professional members working in management committees, chaired by Paul Cassidy.

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