due to financial constraints this years training has been delayed. We do hope to be able to rectify this as soon as possible.

     some feedback from the previous training dates
  • This course has impacted my life in such a positive way. Thank you so much. I have grown in just a few hours and have learnt skills that I never will forget. Thanks. 
  • This course is very self-reflective. It allows a person to gain more self-worth and self-knowledge which we as teachers need. This is such a powerful tool to have and be able to use in my life and in the lives of the young children who are entrusted to my care. Paul you are amazing 
  • I have found out who I truly am...  
  • The course was very good and it helped people to deal with problems on a more professional level. Sometimes the answer to our problems is within us. The counselling skills course helped with self development. 
  • I have attended 3 of Paul's courses and each time I set myself a new goal and I have used what he has taught me to make significant changes in my life 
  • As a teacher this course has helped me to understand myself and my learners better; I am a much clamer and better teacher because of this. 
  • I came today feeling very skeptical that I could be influenced by Paul in such a short time but I was wrong. The techniques he uses are so simple and yet so powerful. 

  • The workshop facilitated by Paul Cassidy and coordinated by Avril from the Quaker Peace Center was a first of its kind for the staff of Bonnytoun. Participants were from the Multi Disciplinary Team who work in the life space of the Awaiting trial boys ages 14-18. The group included Childcare Workers (engage with the boys 24/7), Social Workers (do therapeutic programs and liaise with probation officers and courts), Educators (provide basic Education program –Numeracy literacy Life Orientation and Basic Practical Skills to boys with a high illiteracy level), Component Managers (who manage and facilitate implementation by staff) also outside NGO representatives.

This is some of the feedback received from Staff:

Cecil : very good, learnt new techniques- learnt I must focus on my concentration. Skill I can practically apply at work and at home – when wife speak I must listen with intent
Tozama: Showed me the importance of listening intently to someone else. It can help me in my workplace and my own life help build better understanding between parents and child and also teacher and student.

Mxolisi: I loved the workshop as it rendered both the opportunity to participants to be learners and counselors. It supported my long understanding and thinking that in most cases people need to be listened to. It is a workshop I would encourage even to be conducted to the community at large.

Elize : the workshop gave new perspective to how we normally do things and encourages to do things alternatively to encourage to listen without responding was very refreshing as we normally respond to encourage and reflect.

Sylvia: It was indeed a very nice experience and very practical. I enjoyed the workshop and the way it was presented

Dennis: My experience of the one day workshop on Basic Counseling as presented by Paul Cassidy was exhilarating and refreshing. The importance of Communication as a counseling tool was strongly emphasized and the way in which he drew in all the participants was very skillful indeed. Successfully getting the group to open up to one another was another skill that I recognized and he did this to great effect. Lastly the way in which he connected with his audience even though he was a foreigner, establishing common ground and then taking people to where he wanted them to go was a clear winner in terms of technique. Well done to the Quaker Peace Centre for facilitating this kind of training, especially Stan and his team.

Andy Empowering, invigorating, elevating, explorative, mind shifting and sheer pleasure are but some of the words/expressions to describe the experience with Paul Cassidy. The workshop really added value and gave me new/refreshing insight. The simple yet relevant presentation of the workshop which allowed me to experience it was great. Yes it was indeed a great experience and yet so different. Paul really has a way with people and the techniques is easy applicable. The non-threatening techniques are admirable and so appropriate to the environment where we are working.. The key to the success of the workshop lies in the presenter. Paul you did an excellent job. You stimulated people that I know are very skeptical to “outsiders”. Thank you sir !!

Compiled by : A. Williams Education Manager

from the november 2010 training.

ive recently been interviewed by start up donut, please see

Some feedback from the SARC Basic Counselling, March 2009

This course not only changes you but wants you to help others. A TRULY ENRICHING OF LIFE… which people tend to struggle with, but there is life at the end.

Powerful. Tools to assist oneself to become a better teacher by becoming a better listener and counsellor.

Today’s course has reminded me about my dignity and self-esteem. I see myself as a qualified person who can help other people.

I have watched (with interest) today unfold. I have seen meaningful shifts take place in young and 'older' men and women. A few short hours has made change in attitude, perceptions and esteem. Thank you Paul.

This course has had a positive impact on me as an individual and on my life. I loved all the activities and learnt so many new things. The course has empowered me and I look forward to empowering my peers at school. 
S. W.

I want to say thank you so much, this course has helped me realise that I can make a difference. I have learnt so much today to help me and other people. The presentation was amazing, I didn’t struggle to listen, I wanted t listen. This course has helped me grow as a person. I realise that being able to help someone and just listen to someone can be a great thing for that person. Thank you so much. You have helped more than you know. WOW truly an amazing and wonderful experience. You have helped me set a goal for myself to remember my dreams! Thank you again!
L. P.

This workshop definitely changed my life. I was empowered by a lot of knowledge that I can apply to my own life and also to help others. Thanks very much.

It helped me to realise who I am and what I want in life. I also found that what I learned I can go back home and to school and share with others. I enjoyed every minute of this workshop. Thank you.

Personal development, great facilitator, great course, positive impact on me, enjoyed the course.

I have learnt such a lot from Paul. I am using some things in my personal life and can apply many in my professional life as well. Many thanks and wishing you all of the best. 
S. J.

This course has had such a HUGE impact on me, I hope I never forget any of this because if I don’t I know I will go very far. This day was filled with love and happiness. Thank you so much; if everyone in the world went through this course the world would be perfect!

This workshop was honestly worthwhile and it had a huge impact on my life. In addition it helped me change my perspective (outlook) on life, which is only a positive. Because of this workshop I can help others to deal with their issues (guiding them) Keep up the good work! Lovely presentation!

This has definitely been a great experience for me. I have learnt about myself, others and techniques of helping other people/children come to their own solutions to problems they may face. I do wish you well Paul and you truly are an amazing man. Hope you impact other people’s lives as much as you did mine! Good Luck!

Simple techniques that really work to create a space where we can feel more connected to ourselves – and therefore to others.

When I came to the course it was initially so that I could learn how to help others; but that did not happen, I learnt how to help myself!@ I feel enriched, I feel happy; why can’t feeling happy just be the best thing in the world for everyone? It is for me and this course made me feel like that! 
S. W.

I enjoyed every minute of the workshop, you taught us a lot. I will try and implement what I have learnt in my personal as well as school, life. Thanks again.

Getting new knowledge and skills, personal objectives and goals, info especially on counselling and how to apply this knowledge. Thanks so much for today!

The course today was absolutely brilliant! I enjoyed every minute of it; the skills I’ve gained I am extremely grateful to Paul and will definitely apply it in my everyday life and career.

It had a huge impact on me. I learned so much about myself and that I first need to know myself before going out to teach children. Thank you so much!

The course was very good and it helped people to deal with problems on a more professional level. Sometimes the answer to our problems is within us. The counselling skills course helped with self-development.

I found the course incredibly beneficial and I really felt that I learnt a wealth of practical, effective skills. Paul was an outstanding presenter who brought across the course in an honest, unpatronising manner. Thank you for this invaluable course. Sincerely, Aimee Chiat

I have found out who I truly am…

I am a happier person because of this. I can now focus on the good things in life. I can be a motivation to others out there. Thanks Paul for letting me see myself through.

This one-day course has had an emotional, intellectual and social impact on me. I’ve experienced things through the practical work that I would never have thought possible. These activities are simple yet effective and the solutions are all within each one of us! Thanks! 
F. R.

This course has impacted my life in such a positive way. Thank you so much. I have grown in just a few hours and have learnt skills that I never will forget. Thanks.

It has shown me ways of dealing with children’s problems in simple ways. Helping them to find the solution. I’ve also had to look into myself and I leave a changed person. 
J. K.

This course is very self-reflective. It allows a person to gain more self-worth and self-knowledge which we as young/new teachers need. This is such a powerful tool to have and be able to use in my life and in the lives of the young children who are entrusted to my care. Paul, you are amazing!

March 2007
In March 2007, SARC trained 12 new counsellors, 10 of them from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the remaining two from Zimbabwe.

While Zimbabwe's problems are widely publicised, the DR Congo has dropped off Western consciousness since the elections in 2005. The civil breakdown in this country is severe and these refugees had ended up in Cape Town as a matter of survival. All of them graduates, they were scratching a living doing menial work. John Gilmour, the principal of the Leap School, found them work as teachers in the Leap and its township feeder schools.

Moving On

All of the new counsellors are looking forward to the future. In fact, two of the Congolese were hoping to return home to set up a youth counselling service. The others planned to use the learned skills to improve their teaching methods and to offer better emotional support to suffering pupils.

November 2006
The members of the SARC NGO gave an update of the latest batch of counsellors. Two of them who had trained in March of that year had gone on to bigger and better things.

One of them had founded his own NGO, Realistic, that recruits, trains and supports ex-offenders to work with young people at risk of going to prison. Twelve members of the NGO took part in November's training and successfully completed the course on counselling and mentor skills. Realistic is based in the township of Gugulethu and received a grant of ZAR 1million for its programme.

The other was instrumental in bringing about a resolution to the violent breakdown on her local school in the township of Kalksteenfontein and introduce a successful community project.

March 2006
The 10-module programme was attended and successfully completed by 15 new counsellors who already were or were intending to work with young people. The course covered NLP and EFT as well as listening skills.

The first 15 new counsellors are now using their new-learned skills in the Cape Town area and particularly in the Langa township.